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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Que. Are you creating Test Paper using Google Form?
- Yes, We Creating Our all Test paper using Google Form.

Que. Do you offer a Passing Certificate?
- Yes, We will give you a FREE Passing Certificate. If you need to give your Examinees then just click on Give Order>feature>click "Certificate Test". and Mention Passing Marks in a Soft Copy.

Que. Is your Website is 99.9% Secure from Hacking?
- There is no doubt related to our security because this website is created on Google blogger platform So all security handled by them.

Que. Can I Display Test Paper on my site?
- This also our feature, We give you an HTML code to put test paper on your website like this:
<iframe frameborder="0" height="1900" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8vCTkFARbbt0R8YF71iV9c30MZ6CY1aaGfAN9QWwzZplo6Q/viewform?embedded=true" width="760"></iframe>
You can test. it's live.

Que. Can I make my Test Paper Password Protected?
- Yes, This will apply all Test paper for security purpose. When we successfully created your test paper then after we will give you Test Login Password without password nobody enters to appear your test.

Que. Can the tests be Printed?
- Yes, We provide you a soft copy which you can print.

Que. Are you take Payment in Advance?
- No, We never take advance Payment. Always you Pay After Conducting your Test.

Que. Are do Examinees able to take their Result Instantly?
Yes, This was our extra feature if you need a facility for Examinees to see their scores instantly after Submitting Test. Then you will select the feature "Instantly Get Score" on the Give Order form.

Que. Can I Get my Own Header Image on top of Test?
- Yes, We are Design for you. We put your Organisation name on top Heading of Test Paper. It will Look Professional.

Que. Can a Question have Multiple Correct Answers?
Yes, We make this possible to Create Questions with Multiple Correct Answers. You just Mention Multiple Correct Answers in your soft copy.

Que. Can I collect Useful Information like Name, Number...etc?
Yes, This will Require separating all Test Paper so you just Mention in soft copy what you want to Collect basic Information.

Que. How Can I receive my Test/Exam Results?
- When your Test is completed we will Inform you by Email and also provide a Payment Gateway link where you can Pay and Receive your Test Data.

Que. Can I get Result Export in CSV File?
- Yes, We can Give you Result in CSV file with your Test Data.

Que. Is your Test Mobile-Friendly?
- Yes, Completely Responsive which means it will Display Nicely no matter what Device or Screen Size is used. If you not Comfortable with a Mobile View then you can also view Test in Desktop Version for Better Resolution.