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     Exam Classroom is Provide you with some more extra features for your Exam Paper Creation. We look forward to giving you some more extra Benefits and Better Service. So In Below, We describe all Our Extra Service including with your Package absolutely FREE. In this Post, You will Gain all Information of Our Features so you will easily decide which feature required for your exam. Then you need only Select on the Order Form.
online examination system, create test online, online test examination
This Post is just to Describe our Feature So you can easily know and select it in your Order Form as per your requirements.

01 Conduct Test using Google Account Login
- This Feature is Give you the authority to conduct exam only those Students who Have a Google Account. The Benefit is that the student attends an Exam Paper only for once. So Student restricted to attend exam for the second time on the same test.

02 Certificate Test
- In this Feature, you will give the Certificate opportunity to your examinee according to there Exam Passing Percentage. So you can only give Certificate for those examinees who are pass out the exam. In this Feature, the Examinees email ids are required so we send certificates on email Immediately after complete an Exam. Get more detail on Certification Test.

03 Embed Code for your Site
- If you need to show exam paper on your own website then in that condition we are providing your exam paper Embed HTML Code so you can easily integrate on your webpage and conduct exam via examinees from your own website.
<iframe frameborder="0" height="1900" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8vCTkFARbbt0R8YF71iV9c30MZ6CY1aaGfAN9QWwzZplo6Q/viewform?embedded=true" width="760"></iframe>
You can test. it's live.

04 Required all questions
Its function is, If you want to take the answer to each question compulsory from examinees then you do it. Without completing all of the answers they cannot submit the exam.

05 Instantly Get Score
- This feature is useful for your Examinees to an Instantly get a score after appearing exam. When submitting an exam paper then after they see view score button as below picture:

Simple Just click on in and get their Score.

06 Get all Notification
- If you select this feature in order then we will notify you A to Z regarding your Exam each and every moment like How much Examinees are submitting Papers, How much time is left, Passing rates of Examinees etc. If you want to don't receive any notification like this then simply don't need to select this feature on the Order form. It means that you need notification after submitting all the examinees there Exam Paper.

07 Shuffle Options
- In this Feature, All entry time Question Options change their position in your all Multiple choices Questions. If you want this feature just select it on the Order page.

08 Test Paper Limit
- This Feature helps you to give an entry for a limited amount of examinees. It does not matter because of your exam paper always have been password protected so you don't worried about an annoying activity. This was an extra feature for you if you think this will not help you so it's ok it does not any strong matter on your exam paper.

     So, This All Above 01-08 are advanced features which you have to use absolutely free including your Package. So you just know about a feature and select in your Order Form as per your requirements.